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Tangent Zero is my new home

Oh hey, I guess I should mention that I now have a new web site where I host my game ideas and such.

You can find all kinds of support files for The Trouble with Rose, download the very rough Three Card Coyote, or check out the beta  files for Cluster War and Tactical Command.  It’s also where I’ll be posting Frozen Thunder stuff as I develop it.


The Trouble with Rose – play sets and more

Wow, the last month has been uber busy with playtesting and MonkeyCon Zero. Happy Halloween, I have some treats for you!

For now, Google Docs seems to be the friendliest hosting option for TTwR. You can find all the rules and play sets there in PDF and plain text format. Did I mention play sets? Play sets are one page sheets that contain a bunch of pre-generated characters along with a theme as well as some NPC and setting seeds so you can get playing quick like a bunny.

* Deep Six is a sci-fi adventure on a space ship with a crew in suspended animation.
* Ghost Echo Rose is an aether punk adventure seed shamelessly borrowed from Ghost/Echo.
* Girl Trouble is a story about ladies of the Fey court.
* Pony Trouble is from all those Bronies out there that want to tell their own tales.
* Six Guns and Dust is your class western noir tale of cattle barons and ambition.
* and there are more in the works!

The Trouble with Rose (Google Docs folder)

You can also find two actual play podcasts of TTwR games on the SundaySkypers site.

The Trouble with Rose – Deep Six
The Trouble with Rose – Six Guns and Dust


Here’s version 2.0 of The Trouble with Rose

Added more clarification and feedback from my reviewers, included a checklist and better examples now that I was not pressed for space and time by the contest.

Bid thanks to all of the readers, reviewers, and play testers.  There’s even a chance I’ll be running TTwR at MonkeyCon Zero on October 22nd.

Version 2.0 download:


MonkeyCon Zero is a beta test of a free virtual convention being run via Skype.

Check out the Monkeys Took My Jetpack forum or the actual Con Planner site here:



Posted my entry in the submissions thread! v1.4 final


First Draft

Got the willies about this.  🙂  v1.0 v1.1 v1.2


Jeepform as a tool for game design




I needed to organize some of my thoughts so I went looking for the Jeep form truths and decided to use that as a design checklist/quiz to help put some of my thoughts in order.




The Trouble with Rose

That’s the name of my entry that I’m working on for Game Chef 2011.  I was playing with ideas and researching Shakespeare when I found As You Like It.  It fits the game design framework almost to a tee.


Hello world! Not just another pretty face.

Got some ideas on game design that I want to explore and the 2011 Game Chef contest seems like a good way to do that.  The theme and ingredients will be announced July 15th.